Wuthering Heights

February 2020

Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich

Orphan Heathcliff is adopted into the Earnshaw family but finds little love in all but Cathy. The friendship blossoms into a love as wild and passionate as the Yorkshire moors, but Cathy’s hunger for advancement will be the spark that ignites a devastating fire in this epic tale of love and revenge

The whole thing was directed with great touches by Sabrina Poole - Teacher Phili Review
But this adaptation of Wuthering Heights takes its bold and confident styling in a different direction, with director and joint designer Sabrina Poole's production mixing video, audio, and clever use of the Maddermarket's galleries and windows to bring the internal storms of its characters to life. - Evening News Review
The cinema seems so banal in comparison. Only 3 shows left! I am still a bit stunned by this powerful and evocative performance I attended last night. I had been looking forward to this as I had worked with Sabrina Poole on Boudica and found her an inspiring force of nature: I was eager to see her directorial work. My expectations were far exceeded! Brilliant cast and staging. I had such strong feelings one way then another and back again for most characters. The emotional impact stays with me today. I jumped out of my chair a few times and briefly questioned my front row seat during some of the fight scenes. Then there was a glass of water thrown but you only hit me with a few drops
- Audience Review
I am so very impressed with your performance, mate. You brought me to tears. Well done to all!
- Audience Review